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Mascon is a firm that deploys enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Prior to our collaboration, I ran an audit on their old website. After I identified key problems and pointed out the areas of improvement, they decided that they needed more in-depth help improving their website.

Web Design & Development
Software Deployment

Project goals

The Mascon team knew they needed a website redesign since their former website failed to express the value of their services. As a consequence, they had practically no sales for a long time.

So they wanted their website to:

  • Effectively communicate the value of their offerings;
  • Provide an excellent user experience so that potential customers will be more likely to buy from them;
  • Be more easily found in Google and other search engines.

The "Before"

The "After"

Mascon's website is opened on a large monitor, on a laptop, on a tablet, and on a phone

How I did it



I began by asking my client questions in order to learn more about their firm, as well as their pain points and target audience. We discussed the main goals for the website and then I created a sketch.


Visual design

After that, I chose colors, fonts, and styles for the future website. I designed it with the target audience in mind to ensure the website effectively represents Mascon's brand and meets their needs. I was always updating my client throughout the process.



When they were happy with the design, I started bringing it to life. I made sure everything works smoothly on all devices. Also, I made sure it loads quickly, is secure, and is SEO-friendly.



After I double-checked and tested everything, the website was ready to launch. I walked my client through the new website and taught them how to add content by themselves.

A prototype of Mascon's website made by Vlad Tro

Your business deserves a website that reflects your brand!

I’d love to make it for you so you can focus on what you do best: creating gorgeous outdoor spaces for your clients